Taking all learning and development activities in an organization to a higher level in order to achieve organizational development and healthy business operations.

An example of this is our role as talent manager at ‘Frisse Blikken'. In this role, we were structurally involved in the organisation and translation of strategy into development activities. A couple of our main responsibilities: being a sparring partner for managers and supervisors, design, implementation and coordination of several training programs, supervision of talent reviews, coaching and development interviews, give training or hire external trainers.

Reference: Joost Jolink, Founder en Co-owner Fresca Group

"Heleen and Kim are both involved as talent managers and coaches at Frisse Blikken and have made an essential contribution to the growth of our talents and our organization. The combination of their substantive knowledge, pragmatism, energy, sensitivity and genuine interest in people and organization means that they can help someone who might be stuck, perk them up, and enhance a flow experience. Last but not least, they are nice girls that I trust 100%. I hope they will stay with us for a long time to come!"