Dries Salien

Kim and Heleen have developed the personal development program for all our (young) professionals within Swapfiets. Thanks to their keen eye, thorough knowledge of the latest L&D trends and their enthusiasm, we were able to implement this quickly and effectively. They think along about possible challenges that we encounter at Swapfiets and know how to translate those challenges into substantiated content for the development program. The participants of the program also gave their appreciation for Kim and Heleen's facilitating skills, highly recommended!

Simone Wierema

Heleen and Kim have contributed with setting up the content and structure of our internal training program. I got to know them as enthusiastic, sharp discussion partners who, by asking the right questions, quickly gain insight into the nature of the organization, the objectives for the program, and discover where the main challenges lie. Because they switch quickly, they know how to easily convert the collected information into useful advice and suggestions. I have benefited a lot from the input they gave me, which gave me the tools to tackle the challenges and tie up the loose ends.

Tijs Berens

Working with PIT. Development in the persons of Kim and Heleen is always a pleasure. Kim's to the point, action-oriented view and tips help our team enormously in project management and communication skills. The powerful reflection skills of Heleen help Sasker and me in the field of our own entrepreneurial development, both personally and professionally. After every team session, training or individual coaching I walk out the room with a very satisfied and pleasant feeling. Impressed by what Heleen and Kim can do together. Thank you both for your great contributions!

Joost Jolink

Heleen and Kim are both involved as talent managers and coaches at Frisse Blikken and have made an essential contribution to the growth of our talents and our organization. The combination of their substantive knowledge, pragmatism, energy, sensitivity and genuine interest in people and organization means that they can help someone who might be stuck, perk them up, and enhance a flow experience. Last but not least, they are nice girls that I trust 100%. I hope they will stay with us for a long time to come!