How do we work?

Energetic, passionate and involved. We have an eye for organizational context and for the people that work in it. We work professionally and pragmatically, and when needed; we co- operate with other professionals.

A comfort zone is a great place.
But nothing ever grows there.


Who we are?

We got to know each other as colleagues and noticed that we complement each other very well. Kim with a hands-on and structured approach, with knowledge from practice and a lot of experience in bringing in talent and coaching. Heleen has a more theoretical and creative attitude, and has a lot of experience in the field of individual and organizational development.

Together we evolved this into ‘How do you develop employees and organizations in a healthy, educational and stimulating way through coaching, training, and by making convenient use of the environment’. We strengthen each other with a combination of depth, no nonsense, energy and humour. Are you curious to know what keeps us busy and inspires us?

Plan a PIT-stop

Please feel free to make an (online) appointment to talk to us or just to catch up. We look forward to seeing you!

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